Wedding, Engagement, Real Estate and Corporate event photographer & videographer with Photojournalism style of shooting.

Hello Everyone,

I am Quaid Tinwala owner of SMB Films & Images LLC.  Thank you for taking time and visiting our page.  To introduce myself, the spark and passion for photography started when I was 10 years old and I used to explore and take pictures with my Dad's Minolta Full Frame Camera with a roll of film.  In the beginning, I was taking family picnic pictures and then I started to take pictures of community events.  Let me go back 30 yrs in time when I started my Industrial Engineering curriculum in 1987 and the time came when I was graduating from Engineering school and my family was not able to attend my graduation ceremony.  So at that point, i told myself that i must capture the entire Graduation Ceremony so that i can share it with my family.  This is when I rented out a video camera for the first time, and I started shooting all the areas of my school where I spent most of my time during my 4 year program.  Then on the day of my graduation I asked my friend to capture the entire event.  In the beginning I was shooting weddings on the weekends while working full time Job, but later I started my own business as a Wedding Photography and Videography company.  Now with God's blessing we have experienced photographers and videographers in our team and we are in business for more than 15 years.

Our company's mission is to capture the precious moments, specially during a wedding when a Mom & Dad says final goodby to her daughter, and a friends picks up the Groom and Bride in Joy, a nephew giving a hug to a bride...all of these moments are priceless and due to our happy customers we are still in business, and we look forward to have you in our list of happy customers.

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